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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Nancy's Diva Demands

Nancy threatened to quit unless she could have her own Harrods stylist to do her hair over the weekend.

The Daily Mail reports that she placated by production staff, before being told that they would not meet her demands. A source told the paper: "Initially the priority was to calm Nancy down when she said she would quit. Production told her, 'It is the first live show, can you put up with it this week and we will look into how we can resolve this next week?' But it was later made clear that the hairdresser on the show would be the one Nancy would have to use and that the matter wasn’t up for discussion."

Nancy should worry about her performance before she starts worring about her hair, her costumes or her potential rivals on the show. She really needs to put up or shut up this week, or she could be off the show. She's not as big as she thinks she is, and the competition will survive without her.


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