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Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Kid In Town

The BBC has announced that there will be only one change to the Strictly Come Dancing's pro roster in 2011.

New male pro Pasha Kovalev will be joining the team, replacing Jared Murillo.

Photo: BBC

Pasha is a graduate of So You Think You Can Dance? in the United States, and has toured with Burn The Floor. In fact, Pasha was in BTF in London last summer, with Ali & Brian, Artem and Robin. Maybe the boys put in a good word for him.

The much-maligned dance troupe, which included Ian Waite and Darren Bennett will not return.

It's exciting to have another male pro, although I am disappointed that room could not be found for Ian. I never warmed to Jared, and I don't think many other people did either, so it's not that shocking to see that he has gone.


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