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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Pamela's Husband Laughed At Rehearsals

Pamela has revealed that husband Billy Connolly laughed at her while watching her and James rehearse.

She told the Daily Record: "We sat him down and said we are going to do the whole thing. We started dancing and all of sudden I looked at Billy and he had his face in his hands and was shaking uncontrollably. There's one move we do that he thought was a bit of a Celine Dion, heart-beating kind of move and he just lost it. What I'm afraid of now is that I'm going to get the giggles at that point when I think of his face. I have to say he's been very supportive. Even when he laughed he said he particularly liked certain bits and he was nice about it. Overall he thought it was good. I think it surprised him. He thought the way I moved was nice - and he likes the way my bottom has firmed up."

She also admits that James is working her hard, but that's exactly what she wanted: "He's a bit of a slave driver, that's for sure but I told him early on I wanted to be challenged. I didn't want an easy time. He has taken me at my word. It's a tough regime but I feel better than I've felt for quite a long time because I'm getting fitter. There is not an exercise that doesn't bore me rigid, so this is great. I'm laughing a lot in rehearsal and I just want to maintain that sense of fun even when the pressure is on with a live audience."


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