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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Saturday Service: Week 1

For those unfamiliar with Strictly Come Blogging, each week I will be writing a post-show analysis called the Sunday Service. Where possible, this will be posted on a Sunday afternoon before the results show, and I will be doing this before I know the result (I like to watch 'the moment of truth' as live on BBC One to experience the drama, and not seek out spoilers online).

But as we had a Friday show this week, I thought I'd split it into two, and have a Saturday Service too!

Felicity & Vincent made a good start to the series with their cha cha. Felicity has very good timing. She needs to relax a little, especially in the shoulders, but I'm sure that the pressure of being the first up played a part. I would hope she'll be calmer next time now she knows what to expect. She and Vincent make a great couple, and their chemistry is good. I agreed with Craig that it was a little flat footed in places. She needs to work through the balls of her feet. But the training video on the BBC site revealed that she started off training in flat shoes, so that could be part of it. Overall, a good start.

Scott & Natalie's waltz was almost tango-esque with it's sexy feel. Natalie took a risk, but I think it worked for Scott. Scott needs to watch that he doesn't lead with his left arm. And I wasn't too fussed with his facial expression. Has he been getting lessons from Tom Chambers?

I found Goldie & Kristina's cha cha a bit uninspiring, considering the excellent music choice. Personally, I think Kristina might have underestimated Goldie's ability, because I think he's capable of much more than that routine showed. He seems to have lots of character and personality on the floor. He's a very cool guy, but I do agree with Len that he is a little too loose at the moment. If he concentrates on his placement, he could do well.

It's a shame Patsy had a few stumbles in her waltz. I loved Robin's choreography. The routine was filled with lots of basic steps, and some intermediate steps too. It was very traditional. I think nerves might have got the better of Patsy. Craig was right about the gapping between them, and the dress emphasised her lack of stance.

Matt got the party started in a big way and was excellent. Can someone tell Aliona that when you have a partner who has that much talent already, you don't need props or silly costumes? Actually, I hate props in general. Matt should be good, as he has a background in gymnastics and disco dance. He totally performed, and I think he was the best of the night. I'm just worried he might face the same sort of stigma that dogged Jill and Emma. Viewers don't seem to dislike contestants who have danced before...

Pamela & James' waltz was very classical. It was well executed, and the routine was just perfect for Pamela. Pamela's timing was brilliant. It was graceful and elegant. Pamela is going to be a ballroom babe, but will her latin be as impressive?

I have to say that I found Paul & Ola's cha cha really entertaining. I loved the little 'conjurer' touches here and there, and Paul looked like he was having a ball. OK, so Ola did pull out her usual trick of keeping her partner still while she dances around him, but she also sent Paul off on his own in places, and he did a good job. I was impressed with his timing. He might struggle with his posture when it comes to ballroom, but a good end to the first show. But please no more props!

I have to finishing by mentioning a couple of things. Firstly, I love the new set. It looks so fresh. I caught a bit of Dancing With The Stars this morning, and it made me realise how much brighter and impressive new Strictly's new set is. And the lighting department did an ace job with it. I especially liked the lighting for Paul & Ola, but it was brilliant throughout.

However, I have to say that the replacement for the Red Room, or 'Tesspit', did not work for me. I liked that the Red Room was a separate space away from the judges. The new balcony area just doesn't seem far enough away from the judges. There needs to be separation in my mind. Can't say I was too fond of watching them run up the stairs either. I preferred to watch Tess 'filling' until they arrived. I'm sure the participants love it, though, as they can now watch in the studio, instead of on the monitors.

Roll on 6pm, and Ann Widdecombe!!

Here are the videos...

Felicity & Vincent

Scott & Natalie

Goldie & Kristina

Patsy & Robin

Matt & Aliona

Pamela & James

Paul & Ola


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