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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Multi-Tasking Tweeters

Recent research from Intel reveals that many fans of Strictly, alongside fans of other reality shows, sports and news events, now use social networking sites while watching the event on TV.

According to a report from Sys-Con Media, last year's Strictly Come Dancing generated 6.67 TPS (Tweets per second) while on air.

David McKeown, Sales & Marketing at Intel UK & Ireland, said: "It seems we are becoming a nation of armchair pundits, sitting watching TV with laptops at the ready so we can share our own commentary and opinions with friends and family whilst watching popular TV through social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The rise of event TV is really fuelling this trend, especially for women who are talking about shows like X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing."

I must admit that while I Tweeted through this year's launch show and last year's opening programme, I actually find it distracting, and miss too much of the action. I think I may save Tweeting for after the show this time around. I can see how it would work better for less visual shows (such as the singing corner where you only need to listen and not watch).

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