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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The New Mellow Brendan

It's impossible not to have noticed how much Brendan Cole has mellowed in recent years.

Yes, he still had a good go at Craig Revel Horwood from time to time, but he is a lot more relaxed with his partners. The love of his fiancée Zoe has had a calming influence on him.

He told Portsmouth's The News: "I'm very happy and that puts you in a different place. And I'm getting older and a bit more intelligent as I go. Now I try to think first and speak second rather than the other way round."

He says he was vey fond of Jo Wood: "Jo's a lovely girl to work with. I got lucky getting partnered with her. When I like someone, I take care of them. It's nice that people could see the other side of me on the show for a change. They didn't see my softer side before because I didn't have to protect my partners from the judges."

I have to wonder what kind of relationship Brendan would have had with Fiona if he'd been partnered with her now, and not a few years ago. Would he have the same affection for her as Jo, or would she be just as frustrating to him now?

Brendan is touring with his Live & Unjudged tour at the moment. He gets the audeince up and dancing along: "People are always a little reluctant at first, but once everyone's up it's a lovely feeling to see people smiling and enjoying it. I'm waiting for an audience that just doesn't want to do it and then I'll have a 10-minute gap to fill. But I think people appreciate the chance to get up and get involved. It's probably the audience's favourite part of the show judging by the e-mails I get."

And what will he do when the tour's over?: "I've been working on the show night and day for months and months and I'm looking forward to getting back to normality, planning our wedding and our honeymoon and perhaps teaching Zoe a few moves for our wedding dance."


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