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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Dairy Of A Strictly Widow: Mrs Tom

Did you hear that Tom Chambers got married during Strictly? Apparently.

Well, the new Mrs. Tom cobbled together a few notes on the Strictly experience from her side of the aisle for the Daily Mail. It reminded me of similar ramblings from Mr. Kate, Derek Draper, last year.

The reason I'm not convinced is that the dates are wrong. Claire describes the experience of Tom being mobbed at The International Championship: "23 September: Spend the evening with Camilla and [her boyfriend] Kevin at the Royal Albert Hall. There's no dance talk until Tom and Camilla are crushed by Strictly fans wanting autographs and photos. Kevin says I should get used to this.". I was one of those fans. It was 9th October.

It reads like something hastily written recently, rather than an actual diary. But if you haven't heard enough about the Chambers' Strictly experience (and wedding) then it's probably worth a read.


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