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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Last night was interesting. I'm still a little flumoxed by it.

The BBC's official line is as follows:

"Due to the unprecedented outcome of the judges' vote (there was a tie between the top two couples - both scoring the maximum 3 points available) the audience vote could not have saved one of our couples from the dance off.

The vote opened just before the programme went off air, and we took the decision that all the votes cast on Saturday should stand and be carried through to next week's final.

So the audience has had the usual chance to vote on the performances of all our semi-finalists. All the votes cast on Saturday will be rolled over.

Saturday 13 December's vote has been independently verified."

The Sunday Mirror quotes a BBC spokesperson who tried to clarify: "We have had a lot of calls. It isn't that people are angry, more like confused. We found ourselves in a unique situation because of the way the voting system works. Because Tom Chambers could not be saved by the public vote we felt it wasn't fair because he couldn't be saved from the dance off. As far as we are aware this has not happened before and we didn't anticipate it."

Make of all that what you will...

Personally, I don't mind that there will be three next week. Tom had a unrepresentitive night last night, so I think it is good that he has the chance to dance again.

My other half, who normally doesn't give a toss about Strictly, was outraged by the outcome. "What if couple X is rubbish next week, and couple Y is brilliant? Your votes for couple X tonight will help couple X, and you'll get annoyed because you think couple Y is better next week. You'll change your mind, but you can't change your vote." He has a point, of course. But I don't care. I doubt I'll feel differently next week. Besides, I'm at a wedding next Saturday so I won't see the final live anyway.


  • At 5:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The BBC only has itself to blame. The so called points awarded are totally artificial. They depend upon positions. The points awarded Saturday equate to 3 points 42.86% and Tom being awarded 1 point this equates to 14.28%. Whereas if one reduces the scores awarded by the Judges to percentages then The two at the top of the board would have been awarded 34.5% each and Tom would have scored 31%.

    In this manner the judges scores would have been dealt with correctly and Tom could have avided a dance off if enough of the public had voted for him.

    I believe the voting should be open and above board. The BBC should publish all votes by the public after they have been independently scrutinised and their calculations as to positions after the public have voted should also be published.

    =David Evans An ardent fan of Strictly but not of its self inflicted WARTS

  • At 8:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At 6:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    it was tom fault he danced badly and not ours, he should have gone!!!!!!! why did they do that the BBC do make some really bad mistakes and franckly there going down hill!


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