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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday Service: Week 10

Quarter Final week was an interesting one...

Gethin & Camilla's American smooth was clean and well-presented. It was nice to see that Gethin wasn't a one-week wonder, and was able to maintain his performance level.

You could see before Gethin took to the floor that he was pumped up about the jive. It had bags of energy, just last last week's salsa. I loved the swing of Camilla through his legs. Great choreography from Camilla, with fantastic musicality.

I didn't like Alesha & Matthew's Vienesse waltz to begin with. Alesha looked nervous and Memory wasn't doing it for me. But when the music reached the crescendo, I realised why the first half was so understated. The routine had nice musicality, and I liked the open and close.

Alesha's eyes were amazing during the paso doble. The interplay between them was electric. I agree with Arlene, that it could have had a bit more attack, but it was one of the best pasos of the series.

Letitia looked absolutely stunning in her waltz dress. It's quite hard to sell the waltz at this stage in the competition, because it's not as visually exciting as a tango or Viennese waltz. The performance was graceful and Letitia covered the floor well. The performance certainly raised a smile from the viewer.

I really enjoyed their jive. Darren's choreography was great, with great interplay and musicality. Letitia gave it loads of attack and had bags of performance as always. It was probably one of her better latin performances, but again, it made me smile.

Last up were Matt & Flavia. I really felt for Matt. He loves it so much and he wants it so much. He's so good and could be a contender for the final, but nervous overwhelmed him. It's so tragic. I loved Flavia's foxtrot choreography at the top of the routine with them sitting on the step. But Matt lost it pretty much from the outset.

Matt started well with the samba, but you could see he was nervous and just wanted to get through it. He did count along in places, although he was singing in places too which is OK. It was so sad to see him lose his place at times, especially on the line "I just can't control my feet". I hope the public save him.

If Matt's in the bottom two, I'm not sure who the judges will save. Against Letitia he might have a shot. Against the others, it's going to be game over. What if the public save Matt & Letitia?? It could even be bye-bye Gethin! This has to be the closest final for a long time. Maybe ever!

I have to compliment all of the pros on their choreography last night. They all did a brilliant job and seem to have raised their games as much as their celebrity partners.

Gethin & Camilla - American smooth

Gethin & Camilla - Jive

Alesha & Matthew - Viennese waltz

Alesha & Matthew - Paso Doble

Letitia & Darren - Waltz

Letitia & Darren - Jive

Matt & Flavia - Foxtrot

Matt & Flavia - Samba


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