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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New Lesson 11

My Tuesday lessons have moved to a new hall, now in Wooburn Town. I thought I was going to have a nightmare getting to and from there but it's actually as easy as it was before. The hall is bigger with more space and light.

We started with tango. It was fabulous. I love the tango. I can't wait to learn even more, though I think that's it for now. We're progressing around the room nicely.

We then did a bit of jive. Nothing too taxing. I feel like we've covered quite a lot of jive steps, but haven't ever developed a proper amalgamation. So the teacher can never remember what we have and haven't done. I really think she needs to teach American spins, because they look nice. I also think she needs to give the men tips on how to be better leaders.

Finally, we did a bit of rumba. I'm not that fond of doing rumba there. I don't think it's taught that well. Especially as she insists on moving your feet on the 1 count. Aaaggghhh!


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