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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Last Dance For Rivoli?

The Rivoli Ballroom is not for from where I used to live in south London. It quietly sits opposite Crofton Park train station. I have always wanted to dance there, and so far I have never even visited it. There are no classes held there to my knowledge, so you have to go to a club night. I only know of one jive club that uses it on a regular basis.

Strictly viewers will know it from the intros to each dance shown early in the series. It was also where Natasha & Brendan's It's Strictly Dancing DVD was filmed.

The Independent quotes an interview with The Mercury, a local rag. The owners have told the paper that ill health is forcing them to sell-up. The building is not listed, so could be redeveloped by a new owner.

It would be a tragedy if we lost Rivoli. There should be a campaign to list it or something...


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