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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Service: The Christmas Special

It's a bit tricky for me to write about the Christmas Special, as I was in the studio. This gives me a slightly different perspective.

I must start by saying a massive THANK YOU to Force Ten, who generously offered me a ticket for the Christmas Special.

I wasn't quite as excited about this year's special, possibily becuase last year I had the thrill of sitting downstairs, and the thrill of seeing Ian & Zoe dance together again.

Mark & Karen did not appear to be as strong as they had been in the past, but still put in a very hi-energy performance. It was nice to see them do the jive instead of the salsa.

Alesha & Matthew put in a strong cha cha performance, but it seemed to me that they saw the Christmas Special as a bit of fun, and were focused on the main show. Clearly, this was the right strategy.

Gethin & Camilla completely blew away the audience. Their waltz was just magical, and I was totally swept away by them. The special was recorded at a point when Criag had not yet awarded any 10s, so the crowd went wild when he held up his paddle. We started to ask ourselves if Gethin could be in with a chance of a place in the final.

Letita & Darren's foxtrot was beautiful. The couple had just been knocked out of the competition, and they seemed to throughly enjoy their last dance.

Matt & Flavia danced the rumba, a risky dance for a Christmas Special, but a dance that Matt had done well with during the main series. This was recorded just two days after Matt's meltdown (hence his comments to Tess about having got through it). I think the Christmas Special couldn't have come at a better time for Matt, who needed a confidence boost. It let him prove to himself he could still dance outside of the pressure of the main show.

Darren & Lilia did the right thing by going for the American smooth, as it is exciting to watch. Darren danced as if he had never been away from the floor. It was fantastic.

The pro performance was just fabulous. I could watch it over and over again!

I think that the right top two were left standing, and I was happy for either Gethin or Darren to win.

We came out of the show wondering if Alesha might be worried, as Gethin had done so well. But Alesha reigned supreme when it mattered most.

Mark & Karen

Alesha & Matthew

Gethin & Camilla

Letitia & Darren

Matt & Flavia

Darren & Lilia

Pro Dance


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