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Friday, December 21, 2007

Len On The Judges: "Blimey, This Is A Motley Crew"

There is a lengthy interview with the judges in The Guardian today. But, as always when it comes to Craig, Arlene, Len and Bruno, it's got some real gems in it.

Len on Craig: "Craig is the sort of person who would tell a child there is a toilet monster. He's got that nasty streak, but I admire him for it. You know the three hardest things in the world to do? Climb a wall that's leaning towards you. Kiss a girl who's leaning away from you. And criticise someone who's looking at you."

Bruno on Len: "He called me a pillock. Hah huh huh huh HAH! It takes one to know one. The situation creates that. It's the passion for the dance. You care so much."

Bruno on Strictly: "It is a reinvention of the variety show, with competition and entertainment. It's more connected to the big variety shows from 30 years ago than it is to Celebrity Fuck Off I Don't Know Who You Are."

Craig on marking: "I get booed for giving an eight and in my world that's high marks. But the audience's expectations are higher. I say something nice they think I'm just going to whack out a 10, willy-nilly, but actually I don't."

Craig on Emma and Alesha: "Everyone said last year I was Emma Bunton mad but the only reason I was Emma Bunton mad was because Emma Bunton could bloody dance. And the only reason I'm Alesha mad is because she can dance. I don't favour them in my scoring but I do champion people who are good."

Arlene on being teased by the others and Bruce: "It does get to me, it really does. It's outdated. It's not correct, the 'little woman' thing. What do you want me to do, go and get you a cup of tea, guys? I just smile and go along with it."

It's worth reading the whole article. It's got some really funny comments in it.


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