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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Gethin: "I Just Find Kate Incredibly Sexy"

Kate may not see it herself, but there are plenty of men who find Kate Garraway sexy, and Gethin Jones is one of them.

He told today's Sunday Mirror: "She might not be the best dancer, but she's got a very sexy way about her. I love her. She's very funny and we get on really well. And she's got a bit of a lisp which I like."

So Gethin likes a lisp? I'm a lisper, too. Our invitation to come to Expressions on a Monday still stands, Gethin.

Gethin's mum would prefer that he get together with partner Camilla: "My mum wants us to get together because she thinks we'd have lovely-looking kids."

But Gethin has reassured Camilla's boyfriend that that is not on his mind: "We've met and I think he understands Camilla's job. All I could do was say, 'Hi, I'm Geth. I have no intention of coming on to your girlfriend.'"


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