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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday Service: Week 5

This week was fantastic and very competitive. Those who were the strongest put in more polished routines, but the less strong participants improved.

Kelly & Brendan's paso lacked basic content, and was quite showy. I liked Kelly's decision to do cape work, but I'm not sure it really added anything to the routine. I supposed it stopped Brendan getting his annual moment in the spotlight. It was another polished performance, but it was not as inspiring as some of their earlier work. I agree with Craig's point that they sometimes don't work as a team.

John & Nicole were given a beating by the judges that I wasn't expecting. I thought their foxtrot was elegant and well executed. The foxtrot was the harder dance to sell to the audience on the night.

Letitia really seems to have found her confidence, which is leading to an improvement to her overall performance. She seems to enjoy what she is doing. Darren's routine was pitched perfectly for Letitia.

Gethin was much improved, and it looks as though he'll find his stride in ballroom rather than latin. Thanks to Camilla, Gethin's footwork was neat and accurate. And Brown Eyes Blue was a fabulous music choice. It was one of Gethin's best performances so far.

Kenny & Ola turned in a better performance this week. Kenny's cape work was lovely. His timing has improved, although it's still off a little at times. I really enjoyed Ola's choreography.

Alesha & Matthew were fantastic once again. Alesha was elegant, poised and graceful. She has fabulous fluidity. Will this couple ever put a foot wrong? I beginning to wonder if there is anything Alesha can't do.

Dominic's timing was off on the paso. I liked the fact that Lilia chose to use traditional paso doble music. I wish more couples had. His cape work was pretty good. But the performance left me a little cold.

Kate was a revelation. I think it is focus rather than confidence she has been lacking. Anton's tactic this week of being harder with her and working her harder seems to have paid off. I knew she was no Fiona. I knew there was a dancer in there. And I'm glad she and Anton have found her. Of course, they have a lot of work still to do. But it was good to see Kate actually dance.

Flavia gave Matt a very challenging routine, and he coped very well. Matt continues to improve, and is becoming more and more enjoyable to watch as the weeks go on.

It was great to see Penny & Ian return to form this week. Penny clearly has a flair for ballroom and she and Ian are elegant and majestic. I shall be interested to see how she copes if she gets salsa next week.

The competition is getting tighter and tougher. Those at the top of the leaderboard consistently perform well. Those at the bottom are raising their games. It's going to be an interesting and exciting run to the final, and has the potential to be one of the tightest Strictly finishes ever.

Kelly & Brendan

John & Nicole - with commentary

Letitia & darren - with commentary

Gethin & Camilla

Kenny & Ola

Alesha & Matthew

Dominic & Lilia

Kate & Anton

Matt & Flavia

Penny & Ian


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