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Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Musings: Week 5

Here are my thoughts on Week 5 of Strictly Come Dancing.

This week was a pretty strong week for everyone. There was some really great choreography and some great performances.

Louisa and Vincent were first on the floor this week with a salsa. It was a lovely routine, although it was more tender than sexy. It was a good performance. The latin dances are definitely more Louisa's strong point.

I disagreed that the Vienese waltz the Jan and Anton's best performance so far. I actually thought their quickstep was stronger. They covered the floor well, although it did look like Jan was struggling to keep up with Anton at various points throughout the dance.

The judges suggested that Matt holds back a bit, and I am inclined to agree. We saw from the training that Matt seemed to find the 'intimacy' and connection with Lilia during the salsa a problem. The moves are there, but he must dance from his heart if he wants to progress in the competition.

I really enjoyed Ray and Camilla's performance this week. Camilla's choreography was lovely. Considering how little steps there are to the Vienese waltz, the routine was a joy to watch. Ray's performance was fantastic.

All eyes were on Claire and Brendan this week. After Brendan's comments to the judges, and their reputation for dirty dancing, everyone expected big things from this pair. The routine seemed to have more struts than steps, and Claire appeared to not know what she was doing throughout the routine. She seemed to be relying on Brendan to push her in the right direction. They need to make sure they dance as a team.

Emma and Darren did a romantic Vienese waltz. They glided around the floor and really connected.

Carol and Matthew danced to Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, which was a fantastic choice. It got the crowd going in the way Can You Feel It? did for Ray and Camilla in Week 1. I agree with Len that Carol could be the dark horse of the competition. They are quietly getting on with things, producing sound routines and they work really well together. Let's hope they can break the 30-point barrier next week. I think the salsa was Carol's best latin routine so far. I also have to mention how much I loved Matt's glittered-up tattoo.

Peter and Erin turned in another graceful ballroom performance. I worry about Peter, as if he stays in, he's going to have an awful lots of latin to do toward the end. I still wonder what kind of jive, rumba or cha cha cha he'll give us.

I was very concerned when Karen waved their salsa dead and asked for a re-start. It was a risky thing to do. It was clear that she and Mark had lost it, but she said there was no way their could continue as they had become entangled by Mark's mic wire. They were granted a do-over, and it was worth it! Their salsa was the best of the night. Exciting, complex, hot, amazing! I did wonder if they should have just continued. It was quite out of character for a pro to just stop dead. The No. 1 rule of performance is 'just keep going!'. None of the judges commented on their stop. I'm sure the debate will run and run.

Despite a solid Vienese waltz performance, Jan and Anton were forced to leave the floor. With Claire and Brendan at the bottom of the judges' leaderboard, the Cole miners voted in force, and saved them from the chop. The decision was not popular with the audience. Nor was it popular with Jan, who was devastated to be out of the competition.

It is a shame to see Jan leave. She has enjoyed it so much. Although like Peter, had she stayed she would have had a lot of latin on the road ahead.

I wonder if Claire and Brendan have much of a future in the competition. They got off on the wrong foot with the judges since the illegal lift in Week 2. They had fun with the jive in Week 3. They played by the rules with the foxtrot in Week 4, and were slated by the judges. Sadly for Brendan, the judges hold grudges (or at least don't forget easily), and it going to be very difficult for him to build bridges. It's a shame Claire's time on Strictly Come Dancing has become about Brendan's battles with the judges, and she has had little chance to show what she really can do.

Sadly, not all of Saturday's performances are on YouTube, but here are the ones that are, in case you missed them...

Louisa and Vincent

Matt and Lilia

Ray and Camilla

Claire and Brendan

Emma and Darren

Carol and Matthew

Peter and Erin

Mark and Karen


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