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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Horizontal Tango

There was an interview with James and Ola in the News Of The World this week, about their antics on the floor, and off it (ahem!). A tad unnecessary, methinks.

As has been reported before, James wasn't a fan of Spoony's flirting.

"With Spoony, when I wasn't around he flirted with her all the time. I didn't like it. It's an insult to me and her when men flirt with Ola because she's married. They should know better."

Personally, I think James should be secure enough in his relationship to not worry about men flirting with his wife. I suppose it's not that often that other men actually dance with Ola, or spend that amount of time alone with her. They've been together for eight years. But we've all seen James' firey side.

James is as strict with Ola as he was with Georgina.

"If I reach for a biscuit, he tells me I shouldn't eat it. He tells me straight if I'm looking chubby."

And, she says, there could be a tiny dancer on the way soon.

"After Strictly it's the next thing on the agenda."


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