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Friday, November 18, 2016

Thursday Thoughts: Week 8

I have been away, which is why I am only getting around to this today. Unlike most weeks, I am writing this already knowing the outcome. I watched the results immediately following the main show.

With a place on the fun bus to Blackpool up for grabs, no-one wanted to miss out, and they all threw themselves at the dances.

I wasn't a massive fan of Daisy & AljaĆŸ's salsa. There seemed to be a lot of posing and not much dancing. The whole thing was a bit static and on the spot. I wanted it to be more dynamic. Daisy went for it, but it just didn't excite me.

Greg & Natalie's paso was a lot more dynamic. I liked it very much. It was strong and powerful with such great intent. A fantastic leap at the beginning. The only part I didn't like was the scarf/cape work at the beginning. And he needs to watch his top line and make sure his shoulders are kept down. 

Robert & Oksana's sweet foxtrot was pitched perfectly. They created a lovely story piece, and it was very nice to watch. Robert needs to watch his top line on the pivots, he was leading with his shoulders instead of his body. They covered the floor well. It was a good job.

Ore & Joanne's rumba was pleasant enough. It was romantic, and had a nice amount of light and shade. I didn't buy them as a couple, though. It lacked a bit of chemistry for me. He could have used the floor more on the walks too. But it was certainly one of the better rumbas we have seen from male celebrities.

Oh Ed Balls. Anyone who has read this blog over the years will know that I am not usually a fan of the novelty act. John Sergeant, Ann Widdecombe, Russell Grant, Judy Murray, I pretty much loathed them all. But Ed Balls has won me over for most of the series. He and Katya certainly went Hell for leather to make it to Blackpool with their salsa. I wasn't convinced until the chorus, but as soon as he took that leap at her, I was on their side. I liked all but the first lift, which was a bit clunky. I liked Ed's execution of the Gangnam Style moves. And, as always, Ed kept in time. Such fun to watch.

It was hard for Claudia & AJ to perform anything after that, but they did their thing and it was lovely. Their Viennese waltz took too long to get into hold for my liking, but once in hold it was lovely. The flekerls were very nice. AJ did a better job at showing Claudia off, and matched his stride to hers. It was very sweet.

When I heard that Danny & Oti were doing an Argentine tango to Heard It Through The Grapevine, I was not impressed, but it was such a good arrangement that it just worked. I liked the aggression and attack between them. I thought it was fab. It was hot. I agreed with Craig that perhaps they could have had more of an 'A' frame, but I loved it anyway. Lovely lifts, especially the last two.

Louise & Kevin's American smooth was definitely one of her best dances. I didn't really think the fans were necessary, I don't think they added anything to the routine. It was definitely the routine that Louise has appeared the most engaged with all series. She needs to point her toes more on kicks, but otherwise she did a good job. The only thing that distracted me was the flesh-coloured back to her dress. Why wasn't it just open? I would have been on the pros. They usually only do that with the larger ladies. Weird.

I think that Daisy was the right choice to leave the competition. She was at the top of the show, and got lost in the crowd with a very plain routine. Greg performed his routine much better the second time around.

The big question is will Ed's journey end at Blackpool? I actually think he might still have a couple of weeks left in him.


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