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Monday, November 07, 2016

Davina: I'll Do Strictly In "Eight Years"

Davina McCall would like to do Strictly, but feels it would be too disruptive for her family.

She told the Huffington Post“I’d love to do Strictly Come Dancing, I really really would. But the fact is, it’s training all week, and working all weekend, and even if I wasn’t in it for very long, I’d still be working weekends for three or four weeks. And actually... that would be really hard on my family. I think for anyone with young kids it’s really, really difficult. It’s too much time away. And I work hard, but I do get my weekends, and I really value those. So no.”

But, it's not 'no' forever.

“When [the children]’ve all left home. So… eight years. If Strictly is still going in eight years, I’ll do it.”

Who wouldn't love to see Davina do Strictly? She'd be a fantastic signing. The team need to sign her up for a special so she can test the water without the full commitment.


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