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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Jay Struggling With Argentine Tango

The Argentine tango is reportedly causing a few problems with Jay McGuinness and Aliona Vilani this week.

According to the Daily Mirror, Jay has kicked Aliona in the head a couple of times. Jay is also having trouble with an old knee injury. 

But it's not just injures causing problems. A Strictly source also suggested that Jay is also struggling with the Argentine tango's intricate choreography: “It has all been going very smoothly for Jay and it looked like he would foxtrot to the final. But this week has been filled with problems. He can’t get his head round the steps and has kicked Aliona a few times. They’ve barely completed it correctly at all. Now Jay’s knee is leaving him in real pain too so they can’t work too hard. He’s starting to feel the pressure.”

Jay has been wearing a knee support for some weeks, but the injury has never been mentioned until now. It appears that the lunges and lines in the Argentine tango are taking their toll on Jay's joints.

I doubt, come Saturday night, there will be anything to worry about. Jay has been professional throughout the series, and we're all dying to see the show's first Argentine tango of the series. Jay would not have been given that if the producers didn't think he could score a home run.


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