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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Service: Week 5

Apparently it was Family Week on Strictly. We saw mums, kids and friends aplenty throughout the night.

Georgia & Giovanni kicked the night off with a salsa, which was pretty good. I liked the armography,  and the lifts were great. I wasn't floored by the routine, but it was solid. The underarm turns which Craig liked were pretty good, except she started to lose her balance toward the end. 

It was great to see continued improvement from Carol. She didn't seem to be clinging on to Pasha as much as she has in the past. It certainly wasn't perfect, but it was a pleasant routine, and Carol danced it as well as she did the paso. She needs to make sure she closes her feet properly. I've enjoyed them more in the last couple of weeks than previously.

I really enjoyed Anita & Gleb's tango. It certainly wasn't traditional, but the choreography was great. It was unlike anything we've seen before, and that made it interesting. Anita had great intensity and intent. Perhaps there was a little bit of gapping, but it was still brilliant. Anita is consistently good, and I think she might top the leaderboard at some point.

I kind of liked Peter & Janette's rumba, but it was a bit 'small'. Ian Waite mentioned earlier in the week on It Takes Two that Peter should lunge out further and make everything longer, and unfortunately he didn't. Emotionally, it was lovely. I still don't think Peter has topped the first couple of weeks. I really want to see him smash it, but no male celebrities smash the rumba. I think the scores were fair.

The use of the stairs was a clever waste of time for Kirsty & Brendan. I think the judges over-praised Kirsty a bit. The performance was OK. Her head was a little too far to the left. It was actually less skippy than Katie last week in my opinion, but I didn't see what the judges saw. Always happy to see a fleckerl. 

I know Ainsley is the oldest man in the competition, he doesn't let us forget it, but the jive didn't have enough energy for me. It was more Rock 'n' Roll than jive. The timing was a bit iffy at the start too. And hid feet were a bit 'kipper-y' as my dance teacher used to say - he didn't point his toes enough. It was fun to watch, but as the judges said, it was a bit untidy. I liked the Elvis notes which Natalie added.

I really wanted to like Jamelia & Tristan's foxtrot this week, but it was a bit messy. Her footwork wasn't very good, and Craig was completely right about her not bringing her feet together. It was a bit disappointing. I also didn't like that Tristan's shirt didn't match Jamelia's dress...

So, Katie & Anton went on the seemingly annual trip to the salsa club. Did it help? Hmm... Well... The salsa wasn't quite smooth and fluid enough. The arms were OK, but it was bumpy. She seemed to be having fun, but I didn't have fun watching. It got worse at the end with the lifts. The lifts were like the lifts in my office building - at least one is out of order, and sometimes you're scared to get in.

Jeremy & Karen's waltz was quite nice. It was controlled and calm. I didn't like the drag across the floor which was ugly, but otherwise it was nice enough. There was a bit of gapping between them. It didn't flow as much as it could have, but I liked it better than the manic jive last week.

I really enjoyed Helen & Aljaž's quickstep. They covered the entire floor. It was effortless. Cool and clean, elegant and easy. They looked gorgeous together. Tonnes of choreography - Helen didn't have it easy, but she nailed all of it. Totally deserving on three nines.

I was very skeptical when I heard that Jay & Aliona would be doing a paso to It's My Life. However, it was brilliant. Jay is just so stylish. He looks great on the floor, and he and Aliona compliment each other so well. The paso had great passion and intent. Loved it.

Kellie & Kevin's jive was energetic and slick. We saw how good their side-by-side work can be in the Charleston, and that continued in the jive, and in hold too. Lots of traditional content, and Kellie coped with the fast pace really well. They also deserved the three nines. 

Anita was a highlight early on among the dirge, and Helen, Jay and Kellie brought it home. It's difficult to pick a bottom two, but I think I might have to go with Kirsty and Ainsley. Neither was terrible, but I think they were the weakest. Jamelia could also be in danger, and maybe even Katie, although I think voters will keep her in.

Here are the videos...

Georgia & Giovanni

Carol & Pasha

Anita & Gleb

Peter & Janette

Kirsty & Brendan

Ainsley & Natalie

Jamelia & Tristan

Katie & Anton

Jeremy & Karen

Helen & Aljaž

Jay & Aliona

Kellie & Kevin


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