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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Service: Week 4

Whoever chose the songs for this week's show needs to take a long, hard look at themselves. It has been truly atrocious this series, but last night was an all-time low.

Anita & Gleb kicked things off with an OK samba. It wasn't bad. Anita didn't really have the samba hip action down, but there are so few non-pros that have managed it that you can't mark her down for that. Hip action aside, it was a good effort which should see her through.

Daniel played the part of a pilot in his American smooth routine. Unfortunately, it was more "plain" than "plane". Daniel is actually a solid ballroom dancer, just a bit dull. If I was in a class with him, I'd probably think he was quite good. But on Strictly, he completely lacks pizzazz. There was a little mistake at the beginning. He lifted Kristina twice during the routine, but if you blinked, you probably missed them.

Kirsty & Brendan's paso didn't flow very well. Kirsty's performance was a bit 'internal' - she needs to learn to perform for the audience. Her eyeline was down a lot of the time. There were glimpses of something better, but not enough. If nothing else, her confidence has improved. And it was a POOR song choice.

There was no way that Georgia & Giovanni could be accused of lacking content this week. Their quickstep routine was full-on. Georgia's footwork was decent. I loved the little ball-changes in the chorus section. Georgia just needs to make sure her posture doesn't slip towards the end of such a grueling routine.

Jeremy continues to channel his inner 'newsreader on Children In Need'. The jive was a bit ploddy and heavy. Jeremy & Karen continue to be entertaining, but I'm not sure how much more of them I need to see now.

Kellie & Kevin did a lovely foxtrot routine. I loved the use of a little social foxtrot at the top of the routine before they got into it. There was a lovely heel turn. I just wished Kellie had released her toes on the backward steps. That would have really pushed the number over the top. They did a really nice job, though. Just a shame her hair was so distracting.

Jamelia & Tristan's Charleston was easily their best dance to date. It was a fun and light. Charleston doesn't have the same rules over technique, which meant Jamelia could throw herself into it and not worry. She has great timing, and she nailed it.

Jay & Aliona's quickstep was never going to live up to last week's jive, but it turned into a bit of a disaster. Jay lost it several times, and never really looked completely in control. It was very disappointing. But Jay is still one of the strongest in the competition. Again, POOR music choice.

I did actually enjoy Carol & Pasha's paso more than I've enjoyed any of her other dances. She seemed a little less lost than usual. It was quite strong, for Carol.

I thought Ainsley & Natalie's waltz was just OK. It was solid, but not very interesting. Despite all the emphasis on his frame in the VT, he still wasn't able to maintain his frame throughout the dance. It was sweet and pleasant, but it not going to set the world alight.

I loved the final lift in Helen & Aljaž's salsa routine, but I felt like she was trying too hard in places. She was grinding and gyrating, but it all felt a bit clinical. I didn't really like the facial expressions either. These kind of 'dirty' latin dances are always going to be a challenge for Helen.

Peter & Janette should have had a fairly easy week this week, because moving from paso to tango isn't too much of a stretch, at least in  mood. But their tango didn't do it for me. It was solid, but didn't have wow factor. Peter had a funny posture, and quite odd footwork at times. Yet another POOR song selection.

Katie & Anton's Viennese waltz was incredibly skippy. I really don't know why they topped the leaderboard, although of course I am happy for Anton that he's finally done it after 13 series. Katie looked like she'd gone a little wrong at the beginning, and her timing was off in places. Way too skippy to be enjoyed. She was grimacing through the 16 million pivots. At least there was a proper fleckerl.

My favourites this week were Kellie, Jamelia and Georgia. The bottom two could be picked from a number of couples. The poorest dancers in my opinion now are Carol and Jeremy, but Daniel and Ainsley were quite dull and could also go home, and I didn't enjoy Kirsty either. I would put Kirsty and either Carol or Jeremy in the bottom two. I would quite like to see Carol go home, but I wouldn't be sorry to see any of the above go home.

Here are the videos...

Anita & Gleb

Daniel & Kristina

Kirsty & Brendan

Georgia & Giovanni

Jeremy & Karen

Kellie & Kevin

Jamelia & Tristan

Jay & Aliona

Carol & Pasha

Ainsley & Natalie

Helen & Aljaž

Peter & Janette

Katie & Anton


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