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Monday, September 07, 2015

The Couples - First Thoughts

I love autumn. The trees are a pretty colour. It's rugby season, with a World Cup this year to boot. It's American football season. I have a holiday on the horizon. But better than all that? Strictly's back, baby!

So, once again it was time for the launch show. Nervous pros wait like their being picked for games. They shuffle uncomfortably when there is someone they don't want to be paired with. Although there was less of the latter this year, as there is no obvious dud or elderly relative. Even Anton might have a chance...

And so to the couples.

I like the pairing of Ainsley & Natalie. Natalie seems to work well with whoever she is partnered with. Ainsley is fun-loving, but I think he'll work hard. He has some moves too. I can't wait to see how they get on.

Iwan & Ola should be a good pairing. Sportsmen like to work hard and train hard. Ola has has sportsmen before - Kenny Logan, Andrew Castle and Robbie Savage - although it was the sports presenter Chris Hollins who helped her get her hands on the glitterball trophy. The tabloids seem to think this will be Ola's last year on the show, and Iwan might be the guy to take her back to the final.

Startled deer Jay has been partnered with Aliona. I really don't know how this is going to work out. Aliona always seems more comfortable when she is with someone with more ability. Jay looked incredibly uncomfortable thoughout the launch show, so she might have her work cut out. Dance partner and therapist.

I think Jeremy & Karen will be a good match. Like Natalie, Karen seems to have a good time whomever her partner is. No-one would have expected Dave Myers or Mark Wright would do that well, but they were both a pleasure to watch. I think Jeremy will become similarly popular.

Helen is so cute, and she's in good hands with former winner AljaĆŸ. Since I don't watch Call The Midwife, I don't have any preconceptions about her. We'll have to wait and see how they do.

There's a part of me that doesn't like Jamelia. I don't really know why. I don't watch Loose Women. Must be something to do with her whiny appearances on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. But she's partnered with the delicious Tristan, so that might be enough to save her. I think they'll do OK.

I know about as much about Georgia as I do about Helen - nothing. And I know just as much about her partner Giovanni.

I had a feeling that Kirsty would be partnered with Brendan. In my confused head, she lives in the same area of Celebrityville as Kelly Brook and Lisa Snowdon. I like this pairing very much.

Anthony seemed very pleased to be paired with Oti. Again, sportsmen can usually train and work hard. I hope new girl Oti is prepared. Team AO - A O Let's Go!

A lot has been made in the media of Daniel's pairing with Kristina. I certainly think that he might struggle with some of the raunchier latin dances. Daniel I think will be OK, but as I have already said, his fiercely loyal fans will likely keep him in regardless of his abilities. I don't think it matters who he was partnered with, the outcome would be the same. He could be this year's Judy Murray, but with more dance ability.

Pocket rockets Peter & Janette are going to be a whirlwind force. Janette did well with Jake, but Peter is streets ahead in talent. They could go far.

Anita is partnered with stoney-faced new kid Gleb. The moment his name was announced was the most emotion he showed throughout the whole launch show. I hope his dancing has more passion than his face. Still, it didn't seem to do Artem much harm so you never know.

Kellie was delighted to be partnered with mums' favourite Kevin. Kevin has done pretty well for himself, having never had a bad partner. Kellie went to Sylvia Young, so will have had some dance training at school. She should be pretty good.

Katie & Anton should be a good match. Katie is posh and elegant, so you just imagine that she will do well at the ballroom. Female news presenters generally do. And good for Anton. He finally has somone who might actually make it through on talent rather than comedy. He might actually have to put some proper choreography together. Katie is his strongest partner, at least on paper, since Laila Rouass in series seven!

Finally, Carol is partnered with patient Pasha. This is a good match, but I don't think Pasha will enjoy the same levels of success he has enjoyed in previous years. In five years he's been in three finals, winning one. And in the series where he came 10th, he ended up with a girlfriend out of it. Not too shabby.

Trying to take anything away from the chaotic group number is tricky. If anyone watched Britain At The Bookies will have sympathy for the poor bookmakers who have to try and set their prices based on that small snippet. Standouts were Peter, Jamelia and Anita. No-one stood out as being bad. If I had to pick a weakest link it would be Carol, but you can't tell anything from this number really. They didn't get anywhere near as much practice time as they will on their own numbers.

I can't wait for the show to get going now. Keeeeeeeeep dancing!


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