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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Service: Week 1 Show 2

After the bar was set so high on Friday, could Saturday's batch of celebrities do as well?

Jay & Aliona kicked things off with a fantastic cha cha. I absolutely loved it! Jay was in total control. He had lovely lines and his timing was excellent. His face was really intense thoughout, but I quite liked it. While it's important to smile while you are dancing, Jay's intense look sucked me in. I really enjoyed the performance. He impressed me.

Sadly, Kirsty & Brendan were not as impressive. Kirsty stumbled a lot during the waltz, which Brendan couldn't hide. I agree with Bruno that Kirsty's static poses were very nice, so she does have something to build on, but it was a shame she didn't pull it off. Perhaps it was first night nerves.

Jeremy & Karen's cha cha was surprisingly good. Jeremy just went for it, which was great. He looked as though he was having the time of his life. He worked hard, and seemed to be in control. He showed off Karen well. It was an endearing performance.

Georgia & Giovanni's jive was delicious. It was light and bouncy. Georgia had lots of style. It was pretty neat and tidy. The press are already trying to make them a romantic couple, which is I suspect why Giovanni put a cheeky little kiss in the routine, but they are so much more than a potential 'cuppel'.

Ainsley & Natalie's tango wasn't as nice to watch. I think Ainsley has lots of potential, but he will need to work hard. He needs to work on his top line, as his shoulders were very high. But his timing was good, and he has style. Keep your eye on him... And I have to give a shout out to the band for the lovely tango arrangement of Voulez Vous. Great work.

I was eagerly awaiting Katie & Anton's jive. Anton has finally been blessed with someone who can actually put one foot in front of the other. Their routine wasn't anything special, and she was slightly out of time at one point, but it's probably a good dance for them to get out of the way early.

Iwan & Ola's tango was a good start. Iwan needs to watch his posture - his shoulders were hunched, and his bottom was sticking out. If he is going to do kicks, he needs to stretch his toes more. He was bringing up some proper hooks in the kick section, which didn't look very nice. He has lots of potential, though, and overall I enjoyed his performance.

Jamila & Tristan's waltz was OK. I didn't think it was anything special, but Jamelia should do well in the competition. She needs to make sure she closes her feet together properly. She also needs to straighten her legs completely, which would improve her rise and fall. She had quite a few bent knees.

I don't think it was a surprise to anyone that Peter & Janette would close the weekend. Their cha cha was pretty spot on. Peter is definitely the one to beat, although we all know that the Great British Public love a 'journey'. Where can Peter go?

So Week 1 is already in the books. If there were an elimination today, I would put Carol and Kirsty in the bottom two and would send Carol home. Luckily for both of them, they have a chance to turn it around next week.

Here are the videos...

Jay & Aliona

Kirsty & Brendan

Jeremy & Karen

Georgia & Giovanni

Ainsley & Natalie

Katie & Anton

Iwan & Ola

Jamelia & Tristian

Peter & Janette


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