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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cash For Strictly Votes?

As soon as I heard Daniel O'Donnell was taking part in Strictly, I knew he would be hard to beat. 

I know nothing of his dance abilities, but I know his fans are mental dedicated, and would go to any lengths to keep their man on the show. Rumour has it that fans in the Republic of Ireland have been sending cash to contacts in the UK to pay for votes for Daniel.

The Daily Mirror reports that Daniel told the Irish Daily Star“I have heard that and it shows true dedication. It really does show the lengths people are going to back me. I would like to thank all my fans and people who know me. Some people would have known me and known what I do but others have never heard of me and it’s great to meet new people."

Only time will tell how long they can keep him in for, but I get the feeling he could easily stay longer than his talent might take him...

If any Daniel O'Donnell fans in the Republic want to send me a few euro, I promise that I will spend it on votes for Daniel. I certainly would not spend it all on Taytos and Guinness in my local Morrisons.


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