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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Darcey "Might Go" If Len Leaves

Darcey Bussell has stated that she would consider leaving Strictly Come Dancing if Len gave up his spot as Head Judge.

The Evening Standard reports that Darcey told OK! magazine: "Len is as iconic as Sir Bruce Forsyth was, so it's very hard to imagine not having him there. Especially for me because I just love the technical things he says and I'm learning so much from his life as a ballroom dancer. I don't think Len will go anytime soon. If he goes I might go."

I do agree with Darcey that Len is a huge part of Strictly, but using Sir Bruce as a comparison might not be that wise. Strictly is just as strong without Sir Bruce as it was with him (some would say stronger), so why would it be any worse off without Len? Obviously, Len, Bruno and Craig have all been there since the beginning, so any one of them leaving would be a big shock, but the should would go on.

However, losing Len and Darcey together might be difficult. For the sake of the show, Darcey should stay on.


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