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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Grinning American Not Happy With Treatment By UK Fans

The grinning American sometimes referred to as Donny Osmond is apparently a little put out that his appearance didn't go down too well. He also thinks we don't know that he won Dancing With The Stars.

Donny whinged to DigitalSpy"Through social media I got slammed by people saying, 'What was Donny Osmond doing on Strictly, what does he know?' Well it's not that well known that I won Dancing with the Stars, I'm the champion. The punters don't know this. Well, hello? I've got the trophy! Darcey said that she gave out the first 10 of the series, and that Donny's doesn't count. No! My 10 for Frankie was the first 10."

We know you won DWTS, Donny. We just don't give a monkeys!


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