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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Monday Musings: Week 5

I have a slightly difference perspective on Strictly this week, since I was lucky enough to be in the studio.

Jake & Janette's quickstep was good, but I didn't think it was quite as good as some of his other performances. He was light on his feet, but his posture wasn't quite right. I liked the routine, and Jake continues to perform well, but I just didn't love it. Maybe it was the music. It's a brave person who uses the music from 'that' jive...

I enjoyed Sunetra & Brendan's Viennese waltz. I loved the story-telling between them. I disagreed with Craig about Sunetra's eyeline. The mood of the dance was sad and coy, so I thought it was legitimate for her to have her eyes to the floor. I don't think her lack of spotting impacted on her turns. It was also good to see them do a fleckerl. Well done, Brendan.

I thought Scott & Joanne did a good job this week. Their Charleston was cheeky and fun. As I have said before, Scott's timing is good, and he did well with the unusual timing in places which picked out the accents in the music. It was Scott's most enjoyable performance so far, only spoiled by the incident in the middle.

Thom & Iveta's cha cha was enjoyable. It was a very confident performance. However, I had to agree with Bruno's comment that it looked a bit more like a salsa than a cha cha. It was enjoyable, but not show-stopping.

Frankie & Kevin's foxtrot was very sweet. Frankie is so effortless when she dances, you can let the performance wash over you. I found the choreography a little odd, though. Frankie spent most of the dance travelling forward, or in promenade. I was looking to see if she would flick her toes up while travelling backwards, and it was that that made me notice that she barely went backwards.

Alison & Aljaž did not have a very good week. Their tango lacked drive and it wasn't sharp enough. Alison didn't pull up in the body and push her head back far enough. Her footwork lacked conviction and the whole thing was devoid of drama. I didn't enjoy it at all.

Mark & Karen were a pleasure to watch this week. After being in the bottom two last week, they came out fighting with their cha cha. It was fun and bouncy. I loved the samba rolls and butucadas. Mark was having a blast out there, and it was fantastic.

Simon & Kristina's Viennese waltz was solid, but uninspiring. No fleckerl. Simon's posture was lovely, and I loved the little underarm turns which Kristina put in near the end. It was good, but again, not showstopping.

Judy & Anton were a little better this week, although her Charleston was devoid of any swivel. But it was nice to see Judy using her face for once. Her timing was still off a little. I'm not sure a standing ovation was in order. I was glad to be sitting in a part of the studio where were weren't allowed to stand!

Caroline & Pasha were the couple of the night for me, and I felt their paso was slightly undermarked. The intent in Caroline's eyes was intense. Her lines are gorgeous, and she is confident both in and out of hold. I could watch that paso again and again.

Steve & Ola's waltz was gorgeous. It was so romantic. They glided around the floor as if on a cloud. It was lovely to see a slightly different side to Steve. He made a lovely leading man, and I loved the billowing chiffon on Ola's dress which added to the mood. Grand job. I thought they were undermarked, too.

I thought Pixie & Trent were overmarked. I liked that their samba was a little bit more traditional, and the samba rolls were good, but Pixie lacked the essential bounce action for me. I don't blame her for that, I was never able to get it, but it lacked that little undulation that I would like to see. Not that there was a lot of opportunity for her to demonstrate it, as the choreography wasn't exactly packed with classic basic steps. I'm afraid that she didn't do it for me.

Caroline and Steve were head and shoulders above the rest for me this week. I was convinced that Alison was going to end up in the bottom two this week, and I would have been quite happy to see her there, probably with Judy. There seems to be a growing feeling that Scott doesn't deserve to be there, but at least it's clear how hard he is working and how much fun he is having. Judy says she's enjoying herself, but really doesn't show it. And she doesn't have the fun factor of a Russell Grant. Judy out next, please...

Here are the videos...

Jake & Jeanette

Sunetra & Brendan

Scott & Joanne

Thom & Iveta

Frankie & Kevin

Alison & Aljaž 

Mark & Karen

Simon & Kristina

Judy & Anton

Caroline & Pasha

Steve & Ola

Pixie & Trent


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