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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Service: Week 4

Week 4, the week where you had to try and suss out which dance it was from about three bars of actual dance content. I used to think Artem's routines lacked content, but against what we saw this week, his routines could have been serious competition routines! Come on pros, you can do better! It was also a week of good couples not being quite as good as they have been in the past.

Boosted by last week's scores and comments, Frankie seems to have found her mojo. She really went for the cha cha. I was disappointed with the content of the routine, however. Kevin could have given her lots more basic cha cha content. She performed what she was given well, but it could have been so much better. And Frankie needs to watch her free harm, which was slung around a bit wildly in places.

I really liked Mark & Karen's quickstep. The routine was full-on, and packed with steps. They kept together, and his timing was almost perfect, with only one tiny error. I think this was Mark's best dance so far, and for once it wasn't camp. Well done, Mark!

The tango got off to a bumpy start when Judy got flung across the floor by Anton. They didn't keep in character, and it was very 'walky'. I was distracted by the audience members sitting at the tables. I just didn't enjoy it at all. But fair play to her for throwing herself into the last lift.

I really enjoyed Simon & Kristina's Charleston. He had a lovely swivel action. It was cheeky and fun, with great facial expressions. I loved the lift at the end, brave and clean. A lovely routine, well performed.

I liked the parts of Alison & Aljaž's which were actually samba. She had nice botofogos and running promonades, but it was still flat-footed. I liked that they attempted a samba roll. But there was too much hip-rolling and not much else. A good effort, but Alison has never lived up to her Week 1 performance.

The American smooth really wasn't for Scott & Joanne. Scott seemed to not know the routine, and was looking to Joanne throughout. I would hate to have seen my face while I was watching it. I really don't know what to make of it, but it wasn't good. Scott is adorable, but this definitely wasn't his dance.

Steve & Ola's salsa was pretty good. I wasn't as wowed with Steve as I have been in previous weeks. I loved when Steve did the splits through Ola's legs, and the final lift was impressive. He kept the rhythms well, but it just lacked the flair we've seen from Steve in the past.

Pixie & Trent's rumba was lovely. I thought it was going to be a bit awkward, because of their brother-sister relationship, but it was lovely. I agree with Len that it was a bit lyrical, and there wasn't enough rumba content. It was tender and simple. Her legs were a bit hit and miss. But as always, Pixie delivered.

Tim & Natalie's paso doble lacked drive for me. It looked like Natalie was leading. He was leant over Natalie and needs to pull up more. I didn't enjoy it, and I'm starting to grow tired of Tim now.

Sunetra & Brendan are always so watchable, but I didn't enjoy their salsa as much as I have some of their other routines. She does strange things with her arms, and can be a bit flat-footed. She seemed to lose energy as the dance went on. But I love Sunetra, and hopefully she's done enough to stay.

All the dances seemed to be lacking in content this week, and Thom & Ivea's foxtrot continued that theme. Thom seems to perform better out of hold, he looks like he's concentrating when he is in hold. It was charming, but he didn't do it for me this week.

Jake & Janette's jive wasn't as good as some of the past routines. He needed to get up on the balls of his feet more. He seemed to raise his shoulders on the kick section. There was a stumble in the middle of the routine, but he 'styled it out', as we used to say at my south-east London comprehensive. Not quite as exciting as the salsa, but still a great performance.

One couple who didn't skimp on the content were Caroline & Pasha. They got straight into hold and covered the whole floor. It was high-energy, they captured the mood of the song and did a grand job. There were a couple of stumbles, but it was great otherwise.

My favourites of the week were Simon & Kristina, who I think were under-marked, and Caroline & Pasha. I think the the bottom of the leaderboard correctly reflected the bottom couples. I can't spilt Scott, Judy and Tim this week. I think I would have Scott and Judy in the dance-off. I would send Judy home, purely because I enjoy watching Scott more than Judy. Judy probably has more ability, but she's so cold, while Scott is so warm and charming.

I'm going to see Strictly next week, so I'm feeling nervous about the dance-off. I would rather see Judy or Tim leave, but I'm scared for Scott. I want to see Scott!

Here are the videos...

Frankie & Kevin

Mark & Karen

Judy & Anton

Simon & Kristina

Alison & Aljaž

Scott & Joanne

Steve & Ola

Pixie & Trent

Tim & Natalie

Sunetra & Brendan

Thom & Iveta

Jake & Janette

Caroline & Pasha


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