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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Service: Week 1

Here are my thoughts on the remaining couples in Week 1...

Mark was way better than I was expecting. His cha cha with Karen was pretty good. He was off time in places, but there was a lot of content and then he coped well. It was a little bit camp, and over-excited, but he definitely has potential.

Alison & Aljaž did a brilliant job with the cha cha. Alison had a brilliant time on the floor. She has excellent timing and rhythm, and lights up the floor. I think she could have done with more hip action. The dance suited her, but I'm not sure how she'll get on with the ballroom routines.

Steve & Ola's tango was delightful. He needs to pull his shoulders back a bit more, and not hunch over Ola. It was strong and confident. A brilliant start.

The jive was a bit too fast for Jennifer. She struggled to keep up with Tristan, or with the music. She was a bit flat-footed, and her shoulders were hunched up. She also seemed to truncate her arms at the elbows. She needs to open up her body a lot more. 

When Thom & Iveta started their waltz I thought it was going to be amazing, but it was a little flat for me. His timing was iffy in places. It was a bit boring. He needed to pull his shoulders back a bit. He tried hard with his footwork, but it lacked confidence. I think maybe latin will be more up his street.

Sunetra really surprised me. Based on the small about of training footage we'd seen, I thought Brendan might have his work cut-out. But it was pretty good start. She needs more core strength, especially for a dance like the tango. She shows potential.

There was nothing about Gregg & Aliona's cha cha that I enjoyed. It had no redeeming qualities at all. It was out of time, poorly danced and there was nothing enjoyable about it at all. Sorry!

Frankie & Kevin's waltz was just gorgeous. They looked great together. She has great arms, right down to the hand placement on Kevin's arm. Frankie will go far.

Simon & Kristina's jive was a good effort for week 1. He was a bit flat-footed, but otherwise it was excellent. He was in control and cool. I can't wait to see his ballroom.

Here are the videos...

Mark & Karen

Alison & Aljaž

Steve & Ola

Jennifer & Tristan

Thom & Iveta

Sunetra & Brendan

Gregg & Aliona

Frankie & Kevin

Simon & Kristina


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