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Monday, September 08, 2014

The Pairings

So, Tess has channeled her inner Cilla, and we have our couples. So, after some time to get used to them, here is my verdict.

Pixie Lott & Trent Whidden - this is one of the least interesting couples, in my opinion. Pixie, rightly or wrongly, has been given the 'ringer' tag and she is partnered with a new pro who hasn't had the chance to build up a fan base of his own. I think that no matter how good they are together, they might struggle to get votes. Still, they'll be good enough, and might convince the public by the time it starts to matter.

Jennifer Gibney & Tristan McManus - I'm sure they've only been partnered because they are both Irish. Like Trent, Tristan doesn't have a fan base yet, but somehow I think he might win over some female viewers (I am obviously above all that. Or something). I'll be interested to see how Jennifer gets on with the dancing.

Judy Murray & Anton DuBeke - they should be dynamite in the ballroom. You can tell from her natural poise that Judy will have brilliant posture. But I fear for her in the latin. It's always been Anton's downfall, and therefore his partner's downfall, too. If Judy claims she hates latin, we'll know what's driving it.

Alison Hammond & Aljaž Skorjanec - Alison proved in the group number that she can move, so Aljaž definitely has the chance to do well again. And no doubt that once the serious training starts, Alison will start shrinking. She will be this year's Lisa, but the comparisons could harm her. Lisa was so beloved during her series, can Alison live up to that?

Sunetra Sarker & Brendan Cole - I don't think Sunetra will have the same natural ability as Sophie last year, but Brendan has proved to be a brilliant and supportive teacher in recent years who has brought out the best in all of his partners. Except Lulu.

Caroline Flack & Pasha Kovalev - this is an exciting pairing. They look great together, and Caroline clearly has some ability. I can't wait to see their journey (yes, I went there!).

Frankie Bridge & Kevin Clifton - Frankie could be good, but I worry that either she'll have confidence problems (think Victoria Pendleton), or she'll struggle to really let loose (like Holly Valance). Kevin was brilliant with Susanna last year, and I hope he can have a partnership as good with Frankie.

Gregg Wallace & Aliona Vilani - Gregg's heart is definitely in Strictly, but I'm not sure if his feet will be. Aliona is great with a talented partner, but seems to struggle when she has someone weaker. My expectations are not very high for them, I'm sorry to say.

Scott Mills & Joanne Clifton - Scott said in the Red Carpet show that he hoped to be pared with Joanne, so I'm please for him that his wish was granted. I just hope Joanne can stop Tweeting love to everyone long enough to teach him some dance moves. Scott didn't exactly shine in last night's group number, but as a Eurovision presenter, he's not going to be afraid of a sequin or two.

Tim Wonnacott & Natalie Lowe - Natalie is a patient and supportive teacher, as we saw in her sessions with the wedding couple last year. Natalie also doesn't judge her partners, at least not publicly, and always choreographs to match their ability. This could be enough to get them past the first couple of weeks.

Mark Wright & Karen Hauer - I really don't know how this will go. Karen was brilliant with Dave last year, but not so great with Nicky. I think they could end up in the middle of the table somewhere.

Simon Webbe & Kristina Rihanoff - Simon should be a bit good, and Kristina thrives with a partner who takes it seriously. I think Simon will work hard, and if he has a determination to win, they could go far.

Thom Evans & Iveta Lukosiute - most of the female pros looked keen to get Thom, but Iveta was the lucky lady. Thom is a very different proposition to Mark, and I can't wait to see what she can do with a totally different kind of partner.

Jake Wood & Janette Manrara - I think Jake & Janette will have fun together, but I get the impression that Jake might struggle with the dancing. I just can't see him being a dark horse. The EastEnders vote should keep him in for a while, though.

Steve Backshall & Ola Jordan - Steve is a bit like a Blue Peter presenter, ready for anything, and I think he'll really throw himself into it. Ola is a taskmaster, and I think he'll respond well to her. If he can move, the'll do quite well.

So there we have it. See you on 26th September to get this party started!


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