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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sunday Service: Week 6

Halloween week is upon us again. I usually enjoy Halloween week. The make-up and costumes are usually extra special. And the dances are usually a bit different.

Patrick & Anya started things off with a quickstep. Patrick needs to watch his right shoulder, which seemed to be raising up, although I wonder if this was because they spent half the week in a semi-hold because of his wrist. He had plenty of energy. It started slow, but seemed to improve as it went on.

Fiona & Anton's Charleston was very cute. Fiona had brilliant facial expressions. I think the judges' comments about her timing were unfair. I thought her timing was pretty good throughout. And of course, the Charleston was made for Anton.

I thought Ben & Kristina did a reasonable job with the paso. Ben is a good lead and his cape work was pretty good. However, in my opinion he was totally disengaged and disconnected emotionally from the dance. It lacked passion. Ben's pecs showed more emotion than he did. Decent dancing, but it lacked something for me.

Sophie & Brendan's jive looked under-rehearsed. Technically, it was OK, but not amazing. Sophie needs to straighten her knees more. There were a few errors. Sophie seemed to be looking for Brendan for cues this week. It didn't have the confidence that some of her earlier routines did. I hope Sophie hasn't peaked already.

Natalie & Artem were gorgeous. OK, so perhaps their Viennese waltz was a bit closer to an American smooth than a VW, but that's typical Artem. All style over content. What I didn't agree with was Len's criticism of the choreography affecting the marking. Natalie can only perform the choreography she is given, and should not be penalised if the judge doesn't like it. I liked their routine, myself. Great costume. Great movement. Atmospheric. Lovely musicality. Loved it.

I liked the paso content of Mark & Iveta's routine. Lots of recognisable basic steps. It was bonkers, but entertaining. I loved Iveta's costume! But I did not like the disco break at the end. I don't understand the judges, though. When Jason & Kristina stuck a disco break in their tango, the judges lapped it up. But they hated it in Mark & Iveta's routine. What's the difference? Double standard.

Rachel & Pasha's American smooth had some nice lifts, but I found their routine really dull. It was a better performance than last week, but it just wasn't very interesting. I don't think the dreary musical arrangement helped much either.

Ashley & Ola's tango was excellent. It had great attack and passion. Ashley's frame was still dodgy on the turns, but otherwise he did a fab job.

Abbey & Aljaž's rumba was mostly brilliant. There were a few stiff moments, but they have such great chemistry. Their routine could have had a better story, and they could have made more of the change of mood in the song (I love the two sides of Stay), but it should be good enough to keep them in.

Dave & Karen's routine was barely even rock 'n' roll, let alone jive. It had probably about the best timing Dave has shown. At least four chassés were in time. I think the novelty of Dave is starting to wear off now. Probably time to go.

Susanna & Kevin's Charleston was fun. It was a good performance. Susanna had lovely facial expressions and looked very confident.

Surely Dave has to be in the bottom two this week. He really can't carry on much longer. Difficult to say who could be there with him. Patrick was at the beginning and could be forgotten. Rachel didn't smash it. Sophie didn't have a great week. Mark might get forgotten too. I have no idea who is going home tonight!

Here are the videos...

Patrick & Anya

Fiona & Anton

Ben & Kristina

Sophie & Brendan

Natalie & Artem

Mark & Iveta

Rachel & Pasha

Ashley & Ola

Abbey & Aljaž

Dave & Karen

Susanna & Kevin


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