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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Bruce: Celebrities Can Make The Show Go Down

Sir Bruce Forsyth has said that he thinks the calibre of the celebrities affects the show.

He told the Metro: "If you haven’t got good celebrities as we did have for a couple of years… we did go down and it showed. The last couple of years that has been revived and we do get interesting people and in the last one we got six couples that were worthy of winning. When we got to the last four we thought who can win this? In the end we had  two wonderful couples, each of who could have been winners. We had that last year and let’s hope we can have that this year."

In terms of celebrity clout, 2013 is not an outstanding year, but if the dancing is good, no-one will care. Big names bring people in, but it's good dancing (and maybe a few tricks) that keep them watching. And as I say every series, I might not know who these 'celebrities' are now, but in a few short weeks I will feel them better than I know my own family.


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