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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

SCB Exclusive: Interview With Matthew Cutler

Matthew Cutler is one of the many Strictly dancers who has become involved with the Zumba scene in recent months.

If you're not brave enough to head to a class, or don't have any classes nearby, Matthew is launching some Zumba products for in-home use which can be purchased on QVC.

I got the chance to put a few questions to Matthew about Strictly and Zumba.


You took part in the Christmas special with Fern Britton. How did it feel to dip your toe back in the Strictly water?

It was great dancing the Christmas special with Fern. Strictly is like one big family and everyone knows each other really well and gets on so it was fun. Especially the Christmas special, it doesn't feel as serious as the series and is just about having a good time and trying your best. I have been so lucky with all my partners on Strictly and I must say Fern was one of my favourites, we just clicked straight away and had a good old giggle together everyday at practice.

If the call came, would you be interested in taking part in the full series again?

I would seriously consider doing Strictly again if the call came, however, I did enjoy the last series where I did a lot of choreography and didn't compete. We will just have to wait and see.

Some of your Strictly colleagues have taken their own shows on the road to theatres across the country – Brendan, Anton & Erin, Vincent & Flavia. Is that something you’d ever consider doing yourself?

I wouldn't mind choreographing a few dances for a show that goes on tour or even for the West End. I wouldn't like to do my own show and tour with it though. I have done a lot of touring over the years with Strictly and with a show called Burn the Floor many years ago and I feel that is enough. It is very hard work and involves a lot of travelling obviously, plus you have to put your life on hold really. I am at the stage where I prefer be more settled and concentrate on my own dance school rather then travel all over the country.

For those who don’t know anything about it, can you summarise what Zumba is?

Zumba is a fun, easy to follow fitness programme based around Latin rhythms and Latin dance moves. The key to making Zumba different from other forms of exercise is the music, when it is on it is impossible to keep still and the moves are simple and this makes it not feel like you are exercising but just dancing.

Do you have to be a dancer or fitness whizz to do Zumba?

This is the good thing about Zumba, you don't need any dance experience at all or be at a certain fitness level. Its is for everyone, all ages and of all fitness levels. The moves are simple and easy to pick up. You can adjust the workout to fit your own needs and level of fitness which you can gradually increase as time goes on. Any movement is better than none so don't be put off by thinking you have to be a dancer or already fit to enjoy it. Just try it and have fun and I am sure it won't take long before you love it.

When you were approached to become a spokesperson, what made you decide it was something you wanted to get involved in?

I was very excitied to be approached to promote Zumba on QVC. I haven't been a trained as instructor for very long, only 6 months but Zumba is the only thing I have managed to stick to. Since I stopped dancing so much I was getting a little heavier and I tried the gym, jogging, swimming etc. but I soon lost interest in them. When I discovered Zumba all that changed. I totally love it and now have 3-4 classes a week in my dance school on top of my usual private lessons and Ballroom and Latin classes. I chose to get involved with QVC as I want everyone to try Zumba and experience it for themselves.

You’re going to be on QVC to promote Zumba fitness products. This is a different form of live TV than you have done in the past. Are you excited?

I am very excited to appear on QVC, as you say it is a different type of live TV so I am really looking forward to it. I am not used to trying to sell a product on TV, but I am passionate about Zumba and the dances and music speak for themselves really so I think it will be fine. I want to get across to everyone that Zumba is great fun and is different to any other type of fitness class, it just doesn't feel like you are exercising at all its like a party. Plus that fact that it is for everyone and you don't need to be a dancer to do it. Just try it and see your body shape change and look and feel good and gain confidence. Dance yourself to the body you have always wanted. Thats what I want to try and sell.

Tune in to QVC today, Tuesday 3rd May at 7pm for a fantastic Zumba offer and to see Matthew Cutler Zumba before your eyes! QVC can be viewed on Freeview channel 16, Sky digital channel 640, Virgin TV channel 740 or Freesat channel 800. For more info on the Zumba range, please visit


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