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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Madeley's At It Again

Annoying ex-daytime presenter and occasional pathetic Radio 2 stand-in for Chris Evans, Richard Madeley, is using Strictly to boost his media desirability once again.

This time he's keen to tell The Mirror how in demand he is for the show: “They ask every year. And they made their most serious, formal offer this year, but I said no. I’d end up galumphing around the dance floor like Quentin Willson and it would be embarrassing. But the reason I’ve actually said no is you have to give up three months of your time, and like Chloe found on DOI, it sucks you dry.”

'Most serious' I presume means they offered more cash. Goodness knows why. He's really not worth it.

Judy told the paper that health problems would stop her from taking part: “I have two extremely ­wonky knees after rupturing my cruciate ligament. Doing ­Strictly would destroy me. I can get around fine but dancing would mess me up for months. I’ve also had cataracts and a ­detached retina, so it’s an absolute no for me.”

Dear BBC. Please stop asking him. Thanks. Love Loulabelle.


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