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Friday, April 30, 2010

Can Alesha Be A Mean Queen?

The Mirror reports that Strictly Come Dancing producers have told Alesha to be tougher during the next series.

A source told the paper: “Following the backlash, Alesha was on the back foot from day one. Perhaps she feared she’d be attacked even more if she spoke out. But she has vowed to come back tougher than ever. She has said she will pull no punches. It was that or bosses were prepared to look elsewhere.”

Can Alesha get tougher? She certainly had her moments last series. She didn't mince her words when she criticised Craig Kelly's efforts in Blackpool. I want to see that Alesha every week. Praise only where it is deserved, and constructive criticism if you can offer any.

A fellow blogger, Frankie, noted on her Twitter page: "Mirror p18 - Alesha to get tougher on contestants in new series of #SCD maybe they'll take her 10 away? F".

Says it all really.


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