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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Changes For 2010?

The News Of The World reported this weekend that big changes are planned for the next series of Strictly, which could see some of the dancers leaving the show.

The article points the finger and Anton for the most part, citing the race controversy as a reason why. A show source told the paper: "Our preference is that Anton decides he's had a few good years on Strictly and wants to try something new. We'd rather not get into another messy situation like we did with Arlene. But if he makes it clear he wants to come back then we'll have to have some tough conversations. All the old guard of professional dancers need to be aware this show is changing for the better."

The 'old guard', according to the article, also includes Erin, Darren, Lilia and Ian, although the future of Aliona, Katya and Natalie is also uncertain.

The article also suggests that Vincent, Flavia, James, Ola, Brendan, Matthew, Brian and Kristina are likely to be retained.

The insider said: "The producers are in the middle of a complete overhaul of the show. There's a lot of pressure for it to be completely relaunched. We lost the battle with The X Factor last year. That means changes have to be made and some very popular personalities from the show will go."

It's really difficult to know what is for the best. I would hate to lose any of the professionals from the show. But I can also see the need to refresh the show. The viewers have always been willing to give new dancers a chance on the show. Brian & Kristina were embraced, while Hayley was not. But all were given a fair chance.

If I'm totally honest, perhaps it is time for Anton to move on. He's branching out in new TV directions all the time. And as much as I am fond of him, he was really exposed during the last series. He had a partner who had the talent, but it was never realised, and the blame for that has to fall at Anton's door as much as Laila's.

Erin and Ian would be massive losses in my opinion. Ian's choreography has fantastic musicality, and the tango with Jade that never was was proof of that. Erin is a fantastic teacher, and has come so close so many times. Colin and Austin both could have easily won. I'd love to see her raise the glitterball.

Darren & Lilia have never had partners as strong as Jill and Darren respectively, but given the right partners, both could return to form. I know they both have legions of fans too.


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