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Friday, September 25, 2009

Strictly No Fast Food For Phil!

Phil Tufnell is trying to improve his health by cutting down on KFC - and all the training means he can't smoke as much either!

Although he's not as committed to training as some of the others. He told The Mirror: “The other celebrities train for far more hours but I can be lazy. I like to have a coffee, a sandwich, and a chat throughout rehearsals, so Katya has had a job on her hands to get me to where we need to be. She has to crack the whip and stamp her feet. I know when she is angry because she calls me Philip. The only other person who calls me Philip is my mum.”

Phil admits that the main reason he signed on to participate was because of his wife Dawn: “She was one of the main reasons why I did the show really. She is a big fan of it. We sashay around the kitchen when I want to practise. I think she does find it a bit embarrassing though when we are out shopping. I’m in the middle of Marks & Spencer and my feet start tapping and I’m going, ‘One-two, one-two’ and she’s saying ‘What are you doing?’”.


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