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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Credit Crunch Hits The Dancefloor

Even Strictly Come Dancing is having to face the economic downturn.

The Sun reported recently that Bruce Forsyth has agreed to a 25% pay cut this year. A source told the paper: “In times like these people are taking cuts. Gone are the days when you’d get a Brucie bonus for being loyal. But can you imagine watching Strictly without Bruce? It would be almost unthinkable.”

Len also expects to take a pay cut, but is philisophical about it, telling BBC News: "The job's brilliant. It's not exactly working on the docks - which I did for 10 years - is it? It's a joy so anything I get I always feel a bit of a fraud so I don't mind if they knock off a couple of bob. It's not arduous. I'm not digging ditches am I? I'm only sitting there saying, 'cock your leg up and keep your head up higher'."

As long as the cuts don't hit the frocks. I'd hate to see Strictly in sweats...


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