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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flavia Interview

Flavia Cacace recently gave an interview to the Liverpool Daily Post.

While there are no major revelations, there are some nice insights in the interview.

On the judges' comments: “Honestly I don’t even remember much of what they say. When you’ve just finished your dance you’re so hyped up that most of it goes in one ear and out of the other. Some you remember, some you don’t, but my memory isn’t that great which is probably lucky!”

And she offers unique insight on working on new choreography with Vincent: “Oh it can still be frustrating, of course, if you’re coming up with new things and they don’t work. But I guess we’ve been doing it for so long that you turn that frustration into adrenaline. We’ve been together so long now we know how to deal with each other’s moods, although when we’re choreographing it’s Vincent who is probably the calmer one. I’m more likely to lose my rag. But we tend to be quite good because we know when to leave it, have a break and come back. That’s the secret really, knowing when to walk away because often you come back and everything’s fine.”


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