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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Len's Cancer Battle

Len Goodman revealed earlier this month that he recently had surgery to remove a prostate tumour.

He chose not to go public with the news, quietly finishing the spring season of Dancing With The Stars before having the surgery.

He told the The Mail On Sunday: "I’ve had the surgery now. Everything’s gorgeously good. I’ll be back in September for sure."

He had good reason not to tell anyone, especially those at the BBC: "With all the hoo-ha about Strictly coming up, I thought, 'Just my luck, they won’t want that old f**t on it, the cancer-riddled, bed-ridden old so-and–so.' But they haven’t said that because I haven’t told them. I’ve only told half a dozen people."

Indeed. If he'd have told them, he might have found himself out of a job...


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