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Monday, July 20, 2009

Arlene On Alesha

Arlene Phillips has very diplomatically commented on her Strictly successor, although it's pretty clear that she is not happy to have lost her spot on the judging panel.

Arlene told the Sunday Mail yesterday: "Look, you know - it's hard. Alesha's lovely and she's a lovely dancer. What more can I say? I'm passionate about dance and I was passionate about the show."

The One Show is great, but to my mind it won't come close to being a part of the Saturday night extravaganza. Arlene has a passion for dance which could possibly be stronger than any other member of the panel. She always talks about dancing from the heart, which it something I believe in myself. I can't possibly imagine how Arlene must be feeling. I think she has show remarkable grace by accepting the job on The One Show, and I will make a point of watching her updates and listening to what she has to say.


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