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Monday, March 30, 2009

Who's The Daddy?

Massive congratulations go to Vincent Simone, who is going to become a daddy.

The People reported yesterday that Vincent's girlfriend Susan is five months pregnant.

Vincent told the paper that he found out just after the Strictly final: "[Susan] found out that week but didn't tell me because she knew I needed to concentrate on the show. I know her so well though and I knew something was different. I'm sensitive about these things. As we drove home the day after the show, I just turned to her and asked, 'Are we having a baby?' She told me we were. I was so excited. We had talked about a baby but had never expected it to happen so soon."

Vincent's going to have his work cut out. Vincent & Flavia's schedule is crazy at the moment. They are some of the hardest working Strictly pros. And the baby will be only a few weeks old when Vincent has to start training for Strticly - assuming he participates in the next series. And the tour follows the TV show for another 6 weeks.

I'm thrilled for Vincent. I know he's going to be a brilliant daddy.

But fear not ladies. Vincent will still be the charmer we all adore, and will still flirt with the ladies. He said: "A leopard can't change its spots. That will never change."

I just hope that the paper didn't force him to go public with the news before he would have liked. When a journalist hears something like this, she'll call and say "We know and we're going to publish this with or without a quote." I just hope Vincent was ready for us all to know.


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