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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anton & Erin On Their Partnership

The Sunday Herald interviewed Anton and Erin seperatly about their partnership recently. It's a nice pair of interviews.

Anton on Erin: "She's got conviction and drive. She's elegant, beautiful and classy. And despite us now being known as dance partners, Erin's always had a good attitude when one of us wanted to pursue solo projects - she's very giving. She knows things come up and that not necessarily everything we do involves both of us."

Erin on Anton: "Anton's a real charmer, he's a proper English gentleman. You always know when he's in the room, because he either makes a grand entrance, or he's really loud. He does seem to attract a lot of attention wherever he goes. He's absolutely lovely, though. I'm definitely the quieter one, but I'm also the boss."

There has been a bit of speculation about the future of Anton & Erin's partnership. They've been dancing together for 12 years, and with Erin getting married in June she might want to settle into married life instead of running up and down the country.

But that doesn't sound like the case at all.

Anton says: "Our plans for the future of the partnership are more of the same, really. We hope to keep working together on stage, television and so on. We like the difference... when we're on tour it's really all about us, which is enjoyable. We both love what we do, so long may it continue."

And Erin says: "I don't think our partnership will ever end. I'm getting married in June, and Anton's going to be my head bridesman - that's how close we are. We've done this for 12 and a half years, and I can't imagine there ever not being an Anton & Erin."


  • At 7:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am really pleased for you both! Hope it all works as well as you expect and don't see any reason why it shouldn't. Best Wishes for a happy marriage Erin and does that mean you are still single Anton? LOL


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