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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Alesha To Join Bruce?

According to the Sunday Mirror, Alesha Dixon is being lined up to stand in for Tess Daly as co-host of Strictly Come Dancing.

According to the paper, a BBC source said: "Alesha is one of Strictly's most popular winners and very much part of the Strictly 'family'. Bosses hope that she will help give the show a bit of a shake-up alongside Bruce Forsyth. They have been keen for her to have a role on the show for some time but so far have struggled to find an opportunity to bring her in. But Tess's pregnancy is the perfect opening."

It seems the BBC are keen to woo viewers away from The X Factor, and think Alesha will bring in younger viewers.

What I don't understand, is that I have not heard Tess say that she wants any time off. Her baby is due in June, which would give her time to go back to work on Strictly in early October. The reason Tess took some maternity leave from Series 2, was because her daughter Phoebe was born on 17 October, and the series started on 23 October. I can't imagine that she would need time off this time around.

Poor Tess is being pensioned off already. I'd be livid if I were her.

Besides, if Tess does need a stand-in, I'd actually prefer to see Kate Thornton become co-host after her brilliant stints as host on the Strictly tour.


  • At 12:26 pm, Anonymous Anna said…

    well in our house we've always found Tess a bit silly and annoying. i'm also not really sure a secondary presenter is actually necessary.
    i agree with you about Kate though, that'd be a real two fingers up to Cowell for getting rid of her from the X Factor!


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