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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Youngsters Recognise Denise For Dancing, Not Athletics

Denise Lewis has revealed that youngsters generally know her from Strictly Come Dancing, rather than her athletic accomplishments.

She told The Times that she sometimes get recognised in the street: "I do get stopped every now and again. It’s nice. The younger they are, they probably recognise me more for the Strictly Come Dancing than they do for the athletics, which is quite funny."

She enjoyed her experience on last year's Strictly tour, but it's not the same as the Olympics: "When you are about to perform in any arena - we did the O2 in London, it was a full house - you are a bit nervous. But I took up dancing as something additional, something fun. I can never compare it with the emotion of walking out in Sydney and competing in the Olympics, what that did to me and how I felt about that."


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