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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let's Dance For Comic Relief

With the final of Let's Dance For Comic Relief on BBC1 tonight, I have to have I have enjoyed the series immencely, even if every week I think someone has gone home who shouldn't have.

I am going to give one line on each of the performances throughout the three weeks...

The EastEnders boys were great. Clearly John has had some dance training in the past. Cliff clearly hasn't. But I thought it just worked.

Nicki & Biggins did a lot of walking and not so much dancing. I thought Nicki would have been sexier than she was - perhaps that's just because I assume everyone in the music business has a sense of rhythm.

Robert Webb is an absolute legend. His performance was fantastic. Probably better than anything on Comic Relief last night. Inspired.

Les Dennis didn't do a bad job, although he was a bit of a dancing dad.

Dick & Dom got the soft touch with The Blues Brothers in my opinion. A bit of an easy one.

I thought The Chefs were really good. Thriller is so iconic, and they did a great job learning the choreography.

Week 1 Result: Robert totally had to go through, no question. But I think The Chefs were robbed. The choreography of Thriller is much more complicated than The Blues Brothers. Dick & Dom just did what they always do. The Chefs were robbed!

The Hollyoaks kids doing Footloose was brilliant. Some dance training behind that, methinks, but they totally brought the house down.

The Dragons didn't do too badly. I woulf have liked to have seen more of Peter Jones. He seemed to be more talented than Duncan Banatine. Deborah did well.

Sadly, Jo Brand left me cold, although I did like her leotard, complete with belly button. I'm totally getting one of those if anyone suggests such a skimpy costume in my next dance show.

I thought nothing could live up to Robert Webb, and then we got Paddy & Keith. I'm not a fan of anything Leigh Francis has done, but I might forgive everything based on this performance. What I loved the most, was that they stayed in character when they were getting the judges' comments. Brilliant!

I thought the Blue Peter crew did a good job with Jailhouse Rock, although I'm not exactly sure why Janet Ellis was there. She just stood about really. But all credit to the rest.

I have had a crush on Neil Fox since I was about 10, which still burns like a flame in my heart. So I was excited to see him perform Candyman with Nancy Sorrell. And he did a much better job than he did on that crappy ITV1 ice show (thankfully, he was knocked out Week 1 so I wasn't forced to endure any more). I liked the routine.

Week 2 Result: Totally agreed that Paddy & Keith were worthy winners, although I think Blue Peter were robbed. I'd have put them through over Jo, who clearly didn't enjoy her experience.

Angela Rippon was a bit of a let-down, if I'm totally honest. I have so much respect for her, but I don't think Big Spender was really right for her. I didn't like it.

Dom Jolly was quality. I used to have MC Hammer-offs with a former colleague, so I totally understood Dom's love of Hammertime. It was a great comedy performance.

My favourite Zoe was back on the floor, ditching Ian for Suggs. I liked the performance, although it was a total waste of Zoe's talents, as there wasn't enough steps. But I love Zoe with the Winklehair. She should totally go dark.

It was Strictly-tastic, with Martin & Denise joining forces for their Bollywood number. Denise looked stunning in her Bollywood attire. Although Martin is not the dancer he was when under the beady eye of Miss Boag.

How good was Fern Britton? She was brilliant. A fantastic performance, 100% solo. I knew it was going to be good as soon as I saw her sparkly mac. I've always liked Fern, but I have new found respect for her now. Fab-u-lous!

I really liked Lisa & Patrick from The Bill. Lisa must have done some dancing in the past. She was cracking. Patrick was too. And Riverdance is not an easy style to master.

Week 3 Result: I think Lisa & Patrick were really good, although I was as surprised as Lisa that they went through on the public vote. I think Fern was totally robbed. The bollywood routine was good, but I think Fern's was the performance of the series and she should not have been sent home.

If you missed it on TV, here are all the performances.


Nicki & Biggins

Robert Webb

Les Dennis

Dick & Dom


The Dragons

Jo Brand

Paddy & Keith

Blue Peter

Angela Rippon

Dom Jolly (not on YouTube for some reason...)

Zoe & Suggs

Denise & Martin

Fern Britton

Lisa & Patrick


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