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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rachel Plans To Keeeeep Dancing

Rachel Stevens plans to keep dancing, and is rushed off her feet planning her wedding, as well as touring with Strictly.

She is diplomatic about not winning Strictly, telling Daily Mirror: “To win would have been incredible – I’m not denying it – but I’m happy for Tom and Camilla. We got so far in the competition, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Apart from winning!”

Who is Rachel's favourite judge?: “People will be surprised when I say Arlene because she’s supposed to be scary. But I loved her – she’s motherly. And I adored Bruno too.”

And, as with most Strictly participants, there have been quite a few job offers rolling in: “I’d love to do some acting and if the right song came along, I’d consider it. I’m interested in fashion too. And I’m definitely, 100 per cent, going to carry on dancing – Vincent is stuck with me now!”


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