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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Vincent: "Rachel Is The Lucky One... She Gets To Dance With Me"

I love Vincent. He's so unashamedly cocksure. But he does have a softer side too. Not that you'd know it from his recent interview with the Sunday Mirror.

I can see how some people would get the wrong idea about him: "I love being surrounded by mirrors in the dance studio. Mirrors love me. Every time I look at my reflection, I think, 'Oh, I love my eyes', or, 'My lips are beautiful'. I always focus on the positive."

Rachel's success on the show is all Vincent's own work: "When we started dancing, Rachel couldn't even count the beat in the music. She was very stiff. But I've made her supple."

No woman is immune: "There are always embarrassing incidents. The worst was two weeks ago when Rachel and I were rehearsing our rumba. We were looking at each other and things started to get very passionate. Rachel had that look in her eye. Something seemed to come over her. I felt really embarrassed and I had to walk away to cool off for a few minutes."

Comments like these always make me chuckle. I don't think everyone 'gets' Vincent. He's very funny. He likes having his bravado stroked. But there is a softer side, and if you get a glimpse of that side, even if just for a second, it's very special.

I'm so glad Vincent has bounced back in recent months. He's been on top form lately.


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