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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Arlene: "We’re Going To Take On The World, Bruno And I”

Every year, you can count on there being an inetrview showing the softer side of the 'queen of mean'.

This time it's The Times picking up the mantle.

It's the usual gubbins about growing up, Hot Gossip and her personal life. There's only a little bit of Strictly chatter, and nothing too revealing. She says: “Len can be grumpy when he’s tired. Last year he was very ‘I’m head judge and you’ll stay in your place, Mrs Phillips’. I won’t stand for that.”

And she recalls the first time she met Bruno, when she took one of her classes: “I was leading: ‘Feet apart, stomachs in, stretch to the right ...’ Bruno puts his hand up and says: ‘Explain? Stretch to the right?’ Nobody stopped my classes! We became very close; we’re going to take on the world, Bruno and I.”


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